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New Year, New Site!

I’ve been working very hard this week to launch my new site and it’s finally here for your viewing pleasure! (cue applause)

In 2013, I started this site hoping that it would help me find more clients. I had a captivating design, I wrote a bio, included my work experience and put my resume up for download.

After I launched version 1.0, I promoted the site a bit through word of mouth and set up a Twitter (@CoffeyWebDev) but nothing too serious. I managed to get a few hits here and there, but nothing like I was expecting.


I built a website, but I didn’t really do anything to promote it. I didn’t really know how. I mentioned this to another developer and he gave me the idea of joining a forums or something to help/meet people and find new work opportunities.

I decided to register for the BuddyPress and bbPress forums. I subscribed to all of the topics so I’d be notified whenever someone posts a new topic. Now throughout my day when I’m checking my e-mail, if I spot a new topic that I could help with, I head over to read the post and do my best to help without sacrificing too much of my time for free. It’s not a client, so I try to remember not to give too much of my time for free. Doing a little bit of pro-bono work from time to time is great, but don’t hurt yourself or make promises you can’t keep.


In only a few weeks, I had several different calls and e-mails from people saying that they saw me on the BuddyPress/bbPress forums and were interested in working with me. I finally saw the true potential in working on more than just search traffic! Organic search traffic is vital to success, but your website must be promoted on other platforms too, and as often as possible.

I hope to document and share my experiences developing WordPress so that they may prove to be helpful for other WordPress developers who likely run into the same problems that I do.

Thanks for reading my very first blog post ever! <3

Anthony Coffey

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