Meet Reahl: the full-stack Python web framework

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been considering working with Python ever since you started hearing all the cool things it can do in regards to AI and machine learning, data visualization, and more!

Well, as if I needed another reason to learn Python…. Introducing the web application framework Reahl. Unlike other development stacks that involve writing code in multiple languages, Reahl packs a punch as a full stack web application framework written purely in Python.

This is very promising, as Python already includes many alluring features, but is often seen as a “back-end” language. However, we’ve seen how powerful the fullstack Javascript frameworks can be.

I think that Python is actually a better candidate for full-stack framework because it performs more efficiently with a computation heavy back-end.

Conversely, Node.js is single-threaded and uses a single CPU core, for example, and can sometimes run slow because requests are processed one at a time, and it can be easily blocked by a single computational intensive task.

Furthermore, full stack JavaScript frameworks are relatively new technologies and thus suffer from a smaller knowledge base and limited integration capabilities.

I personally love Node.js, but with AI and machine learning becoming ever more present in today’s world I think that it’s worth noting that JavaScript isn’t the best language for data-intensive computing. Python, or even PHP, performs better than Node.js in some cases. (Of course, you can run Node.js using multiple threads, but my point still stands.)

Node.js vs. PHP Performance with CPU heavy task of running a bubble sort
source: Comparing Node.js vs PHP Performance

If you’re interested in learning more about Reahl, check out their website here. Reahl requires Python version 2.7 or greater, you can read more about requirements and installation on their website at the link below:

Happy coding!

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